Ace Fishing Adventures Welcome

Ace Fishing Adventures Welcome

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To the first of who knows how many in a series of, ACE’s blog. I’m Aaron Cooper creator of said blog and owner of ACE Fishing Adventures located on the banks of the famed Kenai River in the heart of South Central Alaska. For over 20 years I have called this river and town my home, it's where we reside year round, raise our kid’s and make a living doing what we love. I first started in this industry in 1993, gear boating for a large outfitter in Montana, from that point on I knew deep down that making a living in the outdoors was where I needed to be.

Since that point in time I have worked in fly shops, guided famous Trout and Salmons streams, pro staffed for leading companies in the industry, and traveled far and wide in search of fish. I’m always searching for new techniques to add to the arsenal in my tackle box of a brain. I’m not picky as to how I fish but like to be proficient in each technique I use in any given day. If the water calls for a fly rod I know I can pick it up and be equally effective as the next guy, that to me is more important than anything else, being able to think outside the box and be adaptive to what the water in front of you might provide.

In this blog I want to bring together a list of the most common questions I receive while out on the water each day. I want to explore those topics and discernment them in a cliff notes type guide to fishing, where a guy that can only get on the water 5 times a year can take this advice and apply it to be successful that day fishing. I want to hear from you, the reader, be it constructive criticisms or questions new and old. I would like this blog to be interactive between us to a point that I also, can learn something from you.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes us in the next few months, what subjects we can explore deeper and how it can help you as an angler, or as a traveler to fishing destinations far and wide. I will post the first “official” blog after the first of the year where we will start with the subject of Sockeye Salmon, the Kenai’s most prolific run of fish, the most sought after commercial fish and the rift it creates among user groups. It’s an interesting topic, a superb fishery, a 5 star table fare fish, and something that we will certainly not solve all the problems associated with. In the end I hope we all come away with a better understanding of the behind the scenes politics this species of fish creates here in Alaska.

Stay tuned and thank you in advance for taking a few minutes out of your day to explore this great land with me. Aaron

Aaron Cooper is the owner and operator of ACE Fishing Adventures on the Kenai River in Alaska. He can be reached via email at or found at

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