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Welcome to Alaska’s ACE Fishing Adventures

Welcome to Aaron Cooper’s Extreme Fishing Adventures LLC, AKA ACE Fishing Adventures.  We are based in Kenai Alaska, located on the Kenai Peninsula basically 2 hours from Anchorage, Homer, or Seward and minutes from the famed Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, we offer one of the only year round operations in the state.  Thus allowing us to offer endless opportunities for an angler to experience the mecca of Alaska fishing.  We are proud to be your trusted guide service operating since 2004.

The Kenai’s fame originates with having the largest King Salmon in the world, a fact that often overshadows some it it greatest treasures.  Home to a Sockeye salmon run that returns on average over a million fish each year to the river, one of the strongest healthiest and most sought after Silver Salmon runs in the state and an endless supply of Rainbow Trout and Dolly Vardon that feast on the bounties the river provides year round are just a few of the features that make this river an anglers paradise.

If that wasn't enough just 13 miles south resides the little brother of the mighty Kenai, the Kasilof River.  Historically boasting one of the top 5 King Salmon runs in the state, it also provides anglers with an early June sockeye run in the hundreds of thousands, an exciting Silver salmon return and one of the few Steelhead returns the state has to offer.

Not far away lies giant flat fish in the fabled waters of Cook Inlet along with a wintering and staging area for hundreds of thousands of salmon that can be caught year round.  Oh and for the angler wishing to wade rather then ride there are three main tributaries that offer everything from tiny water King Salmon to nice returns of hot fresh Silvers and Steelhead through the summer and fall.

Traveling in the opposite direction takes us to the Russian River and many of the tributaries of the Kenai offering everything from incredible sockeye salmon to chasing an endless supply of Dolly Vardon as they migrate with the sockeye.  Moving south east the end of the road brings us to Seward, a beautiful town filled with glaciers you can see on foot or via boat, pods of whales like Orca and Humpback and more marine life then you can count, but just outside the harbor one of it’s greatest treasures return with reckless abandon.  Countless Silver Salmon stage and return to these waters starting in late June every year, offering an angler the opportunity to really catch more fish then their arms can take, often times in just minutes and these voracious eaters feed on the massive amounts of bait fish that concentrate here in mid summer months.

All of this and more at your finger tips just a mere 2 hours away from Anchorage, making ACE Fishing Adventures your gateway to paradise.

Offering custom fishing vacations for the anglers who want to experience a day or two weeks, anything is feasible.  Salmon, Trout, Saltwater or freshwater, fly outs and lodging, we can custom create and put you on the very best fishing the area has to offer at what ever time your schedule allows you to visit.  Traveling alone, no problem.  Corporate group, or maybe you just have a whole bunch of friends we have the boats and ability to accommodate what ever it is you need.  Give us a call or email today and let’s start planning that vacation of a lifetime.

Largest King Salmon in the World

Largest King Salmon in the World

The largest Alaska King Salmon in the world return every year to the Kenai River. We start the season fishing for King Salmon around May 15th and run through the end on July 31st. The fishing does not stop at that time but rather we immediately turn our attention to the huge and extremely exciting returns of Silver Salmon and Trophy Rainbow Trout all the way through the end of October. The world record King Salmon of well over 97.4 lbs was taken from the Kenai River and fish upwards of 80lbs are taken every year. Check out our King Salmon page to learn more about the most sought after game fish in Alaska, as well as the other species that we target here on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers.

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Fishing on the Kenai River

Fishing on the Kenai River

The Kenai River is a big glacial fed river originating in the Kenai mountains on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula. It is a river where skilled, personable guides and the proper equipment are key to a successful and fun filled fishing trip. We fish out of immaculate 20' Willie power, and drift boats with all the comforts you come to expect from a first class operation. Included on the boat is the best gear and tackle money can buy. Hooking into these huge fish consistently takes a toll on gear and you can be assured that ACE Fishing Adventures always has the best quality, and most up to date equipment on board. ACE Fishing Adventures also includes top quality rain gear for those not so sunny days that do tend to happen in Alaska.

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